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Put Yourself Out There

Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet, just put yourself out there and compete.  You can easily get scared about the unknown.  It’s also difficult to think that you might not do well, you might lose.  You might even place last.  But you can do this, you can compete and you can learn.  You …

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And Then There Was Two

Usually when I compete in Crossfit competitions, I compete alone.  Other people come from my gym to compete and watch, but we compete as individuals, sometimes even competing against eachother.  Recently, I had a chance to sign up for a team event.  I had some reservations about competing with someone else.  I always felt like …

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Mental Matters


This hit me like a brick after I struggled a little mentally at my first Team Crossfit competition.  More one this this week… just had to share. Be Stronger2day!


Crossfit Games 2012

The Crossfit Games just crowned repeat Champions for the first time.  Rich Froning and Annie Thorrisdottr were tested and they triumphed again.  See the archived footage at the link at the bottom of the post. http://games.crossfit.com/ Enjoy!  


Five Down

Five down, zero to go. With all five workouts in the books, the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open has officially come to a close. Nearly 61,000 competitors have faced down an unpredictable challenge each week for the last five weeks. Some fought for the top 60, while others worked hard simply to remain in the …

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Extra Motivation

The second week of the Crossfit Open has been completed.  I have done more than 150 snatches under the duress of the clock and various weight increments, but it doesn’t even begin to make me want to stop.  I’m not even doing as well as I wanted to do, but I am moving up the …

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Are You Ready?

*This post comes to you compliments of Crossfit 204.  Thanks! Are you ready for the 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open? No. No one is ready—and that’s OK. With the official CrossFit competition season approaching, it’s normal for competitive athletes to ask themselves and their coaches if they’re ready for the upcoming events. And again, the …

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Competing Hurt

Last weekend, I competed for the third time this season.  The last two competitions were successful for different reasons.  This third one was different.  I really felt like I could have done more had I not been injured.  As athletes, we learn to tolerate a fair amount of aches and pains along the way, but …

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Competing Calmly

I just finished my first Crossfit competition with my emotions and nerves under control.  I feel so much better about my performances.  I did not even come close to winning and although I have been in that position before in smaller competitions, I feel better overall this time.  There was no worrying before the events, and …

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Feeling Prepared

ohs 2

I’m getting ready for a few competitions this season and one of the things that has haunted me in the past was feeling prepared.  There was always something that was missing in my skill set to leave me with some anxiety.  Although I have many weaknesses and things to improve, I still feel more prepared …

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