Training for the Unknown

The Crossfit Open Competition has begun.  The last year of training has been filled with peaks and valleys, but I will say that I feel better than I ever have about competing.  I believe it comes down to preparation.  I have prepared for this competition for years.  Every time I came in to workout, I was training for this moment.  I prepared with functional movements, moving large loads as fast as possible.  I did some strength training, endurance training and pain threshhold training.  I train for the unknown, so I train everything.

I train to minimize my weaknesses.  I train to maintain and grow my strengths.  I train so I will be prepared for things that are outside my comfort zone.  I know I am better today than I was yesterday, and I have made those improvements daily.  Crossfit makes me better for the Open and for all of the things that this unpredictable life may throw at me on a daily basis.

I will continue to train.  I will continue to make steady progress forward.  I may not know what is coming, but I will be ready for anything.  I train for the unknown, and I know I am prepared.

Be Stronger2day!

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