Put Good in, Get Good out

What do you put in your body?  Is it good stuff or bad stuff?

Did you  know that if you constantly put good, nutritious food in your body, your body will always work better?  Did you know that if you hydrate your body well, it will be more efficient?  Did you know if you continue to work hard lifting weights, your body will become stronger?  Did you know that if you stretch and roll out your soft tissues, your body will be more flexible and move better?

All of the above is TRUE!

It is amazing, but the things we put into and do do our bodies do make a difference, both good and bad.  If we put unhealthy things into our bodies, our bodies will not work as well.  It is much like a high performance car.  If the car does not get its proper maintenance, it will not perform properly.  It might even develop problems, which later requires repairs.  Our bodies will also begin to break down without proper maintenance.  Our health may even suffer with sickness.

Our bodies were meant to move and be healthy.  Be diligent about your personal maintenance of your body.  Do you want good results from your fitness?  Make sure you put the good in and keep the bad out.  The results may surprise you, but you will not be disappointed.  Strong and healthy is a great way to be.

Be Stronger2day!

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