Holiday Challenge Check Up #1

Today is Day #15 in the Holiday Fitness Challenge.  It is still not too late to join in.  It would take a little commitment to get caught back up, but it would be worth it.  Join us and take the challenge.  Here are the rules…

Pick one skill:  Handstand Pushup ( Push up), Burpee, or Air squat.

Perform 1 skill element each day increasing reps each day of the challenge.

Example:  1 Burpee on day one, 2 Burpees on day two, etc. until 60 days are completed.

Missed Reps/ Days must be made up. ( or join in now at day #15 and continue until 60 days.)

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to better yourself over the holidays.

Be Stronger2day!

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