60 Day Holiday Challenge

My Crossfit box is doing this challenge… Want to join in?

Stay consistent with us through the holidays with our awesome Community Challenge!!! Anyone and everyone can do it…so…what are you waiting for?

Here’s how the 60 Day Holiday Challenge works:
You perform 1 rep of your chosen movement on the first day; Monday, November 28, then 2 reps on the second day, Tuesday, November 29 (not so bad, right?), and keep going up one rep each day until you reach the 60 rep mark on Thursday, January 26. On Thursday, January 26 we’ll all do the 60 reps of the movements at each class so we can finish together, as a Community.

There will be 3 divisions to buy into the challenge:
A)”All Stars”-Squats
B)”Rock Star”-Burpees
C)”Super Star”-Handstand Push Ups

The reps can be performed anywhere you want, and can be divided up through out the day in as many partitions as needed (5 reps in the AM, 10 reps at noon, etc). At home, on vacation, with the In-Laws…whenever!

If you miss a day, you will have to make up the reps the next day in addition to the reps you have for that day…so don’t miss…the goal is to stay consistent!

This Challenge is open to anyone in the world. Friends and family are welcome to join in and be a part of the ‘fun’ with you, and see why CrossFitters stick to our fitness goals more than any other type of fitness program!

The RARE “60 Day Holiday Challenge” starts Monday, November 28 through January 26…anywhere in the USA!

Be Stronger2day!

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