This is not for me


The Evolution of Man This isn’t for me.

Although I don’t necessarily believe in evolution, I do believe in at least the last 3 pictures above.  Hunter, Fit Human, Fat Human.  This is the pattern that America has begun to emulate.  I am saddened by the current fate of our population, with so much obesity among us.

I am trying to break the cycle.  I started first with myself, then my family, and now as a coach.  The first step for me was getting rid of processed foods in my diet.  I have done a pretty good job of this for myself, but my family is still a work in progress with this, although it has gotten much better.  Eating whole foods has been the goal and we will continue to work towards 100% compliance.  I have given up sodas, sugar (I still have natural sugars), and artificial sweeteners.  I have also given up breads and pasta.  I have found many natural substitutions that have satisfied many of my cravings.

Just as the world has progressed slowly to this state, so have I with my changes to my diet.  See what kind of small changes you can begin to make to improve your overall health and nutrition. 

Be Stronger2day!

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