What’s in your Warmup

A warmup for a workout should do just that: warm you up for the workout you are getting ready to do.  It should prepare your muscles and joints for the work you are going to do.  Have you ever done a workout without or with an improper warmup?  Did you feel like half of your workout was spent getting warmed up?  Were you able to move efficiently?  I believe a warmup is preparation.  I think everyone performes better when they are prepared mentally and physically.  A proper warmup prepares you for the task at hand.  Here are some things you may want to include in your warmup.

  • Mobility  Every workout should begin and end with some mobility work.  This may mean some stretching, foam rolling, or the use of a lacrosse ball to tend to sore or tight tissues.
  • Dynamic Movement  Moving in a dynamic way prepares the body to move fast during your workout.  This movement should include some dynamic stretching as well.  Kicks, arm circles, running, jumping are all dynamic movements.  This part of the warmup also raises your heart rate to prepare for the work ahead.
  • Skill Work  Skill work is specific movement that is related to the workout that will help with movement or understanding during the workout.  Practicing an Olympic lift with a lighter bar or with PVC pipe is an example of skill work.
  • Length  The longer the workout, the shorter the warmup and the shorter the workout, the longer the warmup.  The warmup should prepare the body for work.

So, what’s in your warmup?  Does your warmup prepare your body for your workout?  Try to incorporate some of the elements above to help you get ready for your workout.

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