Workout while you are on Vacation

While vacationing from your regular activities may be necessary to rejuvenate, you should try to incorporate regular exercise into your vacation time.  Because exercise is important to your overall health, it should not be abandoned “just to take a break”.  You could use this time off to change up your regular routine and do something new and different for exercise.  Your vacation might be your exercise if you are the outdoor adventure type and have a lot of walking or hiking planned for some of your activities.  You should work towards 30-60 minutes per day of scheduled movement above and beyond your regular daily activities.  Here are some ideas for getting a workout while on vacation.

  • Hotel Gym     Many hotels offer fitness areas on the hotel premises.  Check at the front desk to see when the exercise facilities will be open for use so you can make arrangements to get a workout.
  • Hotel Pool     Recreational swimming can be a great form of exercise, but make sure that you make time for some laps to intensify your workout.
  • Local Area Fitness Gym     Many local gyms offer day and week passes for out of town guests.  Sometimes you can negotiate a reasonable rate if you contact them before your arrival.
  • Run on the Beach     The beach can be a great workout as well as fun.  Try to get a run in while you visit the beach for a more intense running session than ordinary road running.
  • Workout from this Website     Before leaving for your trip, print out a few workouts from the workout section.  The workouts require minimal equipment and are short and intense.

Don’t forget to bring your healthy lifestyle with you on your vacation.  It does not take much extra effort to continue working out daily even when taking a break from your regular activities.  With a little pre-planning, you will be able to continue making progress toward your fitness goals.

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