Friendly Competition

Do you work harder when you know someone is watching you?  Do you go harder during a game when you are keeping score?  I always work harder when I have someone to compete with during my workout.  Crossfit workouts are almost always timed…but how fast you go is left entirely up to you.  You may not always go as fast as you possibly can.  There is always a few seconds left “out there”.  I like to have friendly competition during my workout even if that person doesn’t know it is happening.  I just need to have something or someone to shoot for, to try to beat.

This concept of friendly competition is really fun when the other person is playing along with you.  I think this concept works against a time to beat too, but is just more fun when two people are pushing each other to the limit.  Most of the time, it is each person taking turns being the leader.  The battle goes back and forth.  Other times one person gains a lead and the other person either tries to catch up or hopes the other will slow down.  Either way, the effort would never have been that high without that friendly battle.

I think a little competition while working out goes a long way to improving workout intensity.  Sometimes it is even a way to get through the hurdles when you just aren’t as motivated to workout that day.  I work harder and have more satisfaction with the workout that day even when I lose to the other person.  I know I would not have had that heightened intensity on my own, but because I am in a battle, I try to win.

See if you can workout with a friend this week and do a workout for time against each other.  If you can’t workout with someone else, do a workout again that you have a time for and try to beat that time.  See if when you do this, your workout intensitiy increases and so does the fun! 

Be Stronger2day!

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