Victory, but I got beat

Have you ever played your best game, but didn’t win?  Did everything go as planned with no big mistakes, but someone was better than you that day? 

Yesterday I competed again in a Crossfit competition.  This time, I finally had a day that had very little mistakes and things went well.  Even though I had a great day, I placed 5th.  Four girls had a better day than me and I got beat.  Sometimes in the past, I have had regrets about how I competed.  This time I was satisfied, although I wish I was stronger. 

I compete because I enjoy the whole process.  I love the preparation, competition, and reflection.  It all comes full circle… I trained hard to be ready for this competition, I tried to do my best work in competition, and now I am reflecting on the results so that I can be even better prepared for the next time I am tested in competition.  There are definitely things I can improve even though I competed well. 

The next time you compete well or play your sport of choice well, but you get beat, see if you can reflect on the results in a way that brings you to consider your performance as a victory rather than just a defeat.  If you had your best performance and got beat, someone else was just better than you on that day.  These results can bring us to see what we might have if we continue to work hard… victory without defeat.

Be Stronger2day!

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