Water is the Best Hydration

When you are thirsty, what is the first drink that you reach for?  Is it a sports drink or soda?  Do you ever choose water first? 

Our bodies are made of 55% – 78% water.  During our daily activities and exercise we deplete our tissues of that water.  We must replenish the water in our bodies throughout the day and during and after exercise.  Water is found in all of the liquids mentioned above, but most drinks have added sugar or sweeteners.  The labels often tempt us with the additions of the words “vitamins and minerals added”.  This may even be true, but with the addition of the sugar and artificial colorings the weight they hold seems less.  Water has no calories, naturally.  Water has no added colorings, naturally.  Water has all the necessary ingredients to hydrate the body, naturally.  It seems amazing to me that all that the body needs for hydration is a little hydrogen and oxygen in just the right proportions.  Plain water replicates what we have in our bodies perfectly.

Why Choose Water?

  • Water has no calories.  Many of the drinks we choose have extra calories our bodies just don’t need.  If you are looking to lose weight, water can help fill you up during and in between meals.  Drinking water allows the body the chance to fill up with good food instead of empty calories.
  • Water has no sugar. What a blessing to have a drink without sugar.  Nothing extra needed for taste or sweetness.  Just pure hydration.
  • Water has no extras.  Water has no added anything.  No sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors needed for the great taste.

I carry water with me everyday.  It is my first choice for hydration.  Most restaurants will give you water with your meal for no cost, which is another benefit of water, a lower price tag.  See if you can begin replacing one of your other drinks of choice with water during the day.  Steer clear of flavored waters too, as they have many of the additives as well.  Eventually, water may become your first choice for hydration and taste.

Be Stronger2day!

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