Why should I exercise when sitting is so much easier?

Sitting is easier, but is it better?  I can say that although sitting is easier, it is not a choice that I can recommend for better health.   I will even go as far to say that I believe sitting is your ticket to a slow, painful death.  Movement is a special requirement of exercise and exercise is a special requirement of long term health and fitness.  Here are a few reasons why we should make the effort to exercise rather than taking the easy way out.

  • Exercise is the best form of rehabilitation.    Our bodies are designed to move.  They move better and easier with practice and use.  We are less likely to get injured with good flexibility.  When we do get hurt, we rehabilitate with movement.  Think about how physical therapy works and why it works. Movement heals the body.
  • Life demands exercise.   When the alarm goes off in the morning, you get up.  On a daily basis we are asked to walk, run, climb stairs, sit down, stand up, lift and carry things.  You may not see this as exercise, but if you did not do them, life would definitely be different.  Some jobs demand more movement than others, but we all need to move.
  • Exercise can make you strong.   The stronger you get with exercise, the more capable you become.  You become able to have the energy to perform well at work, play with your kids, and compete is athletics.  You can do so much more when your body is strong.
  • Exercise can help you see the value of hard work.  You set goals so that you can achieve them.  Goals should be set high enough that you must put forth some effort to achieve them.  You would not value the time spent if it was easy.  Exercise is not easy, but it has value for your health and fitness level.  You will be a better person with hard work.
  • Exercise is fun.  Exercise is fun, not easy.  Find something active that you enjoy doing.  Work hard to get better at whatever activity you choose.  

Sitting may be easier, but it is definitely not better.  Think about what happens to a person without movement.  The body begins to atrophy at a slow, but even pace.  Eventually, the body will refuse to move even for the most basic of tasks.  You can do so much more with movement.  Celebrate your ability to move and exercise.  Become stronger and achieve great things.  Be a participant in your life…move forward.

Be Stronger2day!

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