Everything has a beginning.  A year, a life, a marriage, a diet, a fitness program, just to name a few.  Some of those, we hope won’t have an end, but often they do.  Two years ago, I began a journey of a health-filled life which required drastic changes to the life I had become comfortable with.  It was very close to a new year and it was a new diet(Paleo/Zone) and a new fitness program (Crossfit).  During the transition, I got more comfortable with change.   Each day of these last two years I got stronger.  I got stronger physically and mentally.  I also became motivated to make myself better in all aspects of my life.  I am stronger today than I was yesterday.  As this journey continues, I hope it will never end.  We shall see…


Crossfit fell into my lap as a fitness choice.  One workout let me know that I needed this fitness program to save my life.  I was not by any means obese or overweight, but I was so weak.  My body no longer functioned as it was meant to function.  I was embarrassed to admit that I had let myself go.  I was a competetive gymnast growing up and really had a handle on strength to weight ratios and fitness for the most part.  As I entered into my adult life, I became complacent and lazy.  I tried to find the quick fix in an exercise program.  By the way, there is no quick fix!  I now believe that moving is better than not moving.  It really doesn’t matter what exercise program you choose, just choose one and stick to it and see what might happen.  You might have the fitness miracle that I had and continue to experience daily. Crossfit is my choice for my exercise program and I will continue to reference this and other programs, but it is not for everyone.  There is an exercise program out there for everyone, you just need to find the one that is right for you.

Paleo/Zone Lifestyle

I call it a lifestyle rather than a Diet because I believe “Diet” is a bad word.  The food that I choose to eat everyday is my diet and I eat to fuel my body.  I no longer eat just for the enjoyment of eating good food.  I enjoy eating good food so that I stay healthy and strong.  I do indulge in unhealthy food sometimes, just not as often as I used to.  I mainly follow the Paleo lifestyle which did involve giving up grains, dairy, and sugar for the most part.  I feel that these choices will extend my life and lead to improved performance in my daily activities.  I will reference Paleo/Zone diets more in the future.

The New Year is fast approaching.  Do you have plans to begin something new?  If it is a fitness program or diet, do you have the real intention of making it a change that will never end?  Join me in striving to be stonger than yesterday… STRONGER2DAY.

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